Hello World

Hi, I'm Grant I provide startups with advice and expertise to improve their use of technology. If you are starting a new project and want to make sure you're using tech in the right way drop me a message.

I'm a maker currently based in Edinburgh, Scotland. I'm on a mission to build a micro SaaS company and document my progress.

I currently work as VP of Engineering at Beezer, my day to day involves leading a tight knit team of developers to build complex features and user interfaces and architecting the systems used at Beezer while also squashing bugs.

From March 2019 onwards i'll be working as a freelance software developer and consultant fulltime, please check out my service and get in touch


I can help you solve your technology problems by providing you with expert advice around web technology, I can build everything from complex user interfaces to secure and scalable backend applications. I'm the perfect person to come in and lay the foundations for a team of developers to kick start a larger project. I'm an expert in agile methodologies and can help bring agile to your company. For more information on the service I offer please contact me.


If you follow these values, we should work together;
1. Software should be useful.
2. The web should not frustrate.
3. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
4. Simplicity is the secret.

I create more than websites, I create web applications which are designed to provide a rich user experience, in a secure manner at a large scale.


I believe in picking the right tool for the job but there are some things I just prefer to work with;
JavaScript, React, Redux, NodeJS, Webpack, Progressive Web Apps, Firebase.

What I'm Doing Now

VP of Engineering @ Beezer - Mobile apps made easy
Maker of Skeeper - a status page for your customer
Maker of WorldFoods - country specific foods explained

I'm also currently looking for freelance and consultant work, if you like what I do and want to get in touch you can reach me with the contact form.